Thai Visas for a Long Term Stay in the Kingdom of Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is a very popular short term vacation destination for Canadian as well as other international travelers. However, the time change between Canada and Thailand can be trying for some and the siren song of the Kingdom of Thailand is too alluring for many to easily ignore. The upshot of Thailand’s allure and distance from Canada: more Canadians seem to remain in Thailand long term when compared to people from other countries. When compared to those seeking a Thai visa from the UK, a Thai visa from the US, or a Thai visa from New Zealand it seems as though Canadians remain in the Kingdom for longer periods of time when judged against their Anglophone counterparts. This may be due in part to the relatively warm climate of Thailand compared to that of Canada. Whatever the reason, Canadians are often in need of long term Thai visas.

It may be possible for a Canadian national to apply for a long term Thai visa from Canada. Some make the mistake of applying for a short term visa thinking that it will be easier to extend their visa once in Thailand or simply make a “visa run,” to quickly re-initiate lawful immigration status in Thailand. Unfortunately for some, the era of the infinite “border run,” is over. Thai Immigration now takes a dim view of foreigners who remain in Thailand for long periods of time using visa extensions or tourist visas. That being said, Thai Immigration officials welcome long term tourists, business travelers, and retirees, but these individuals must have proper documentation and a valid reason for staying in the Kingdom long term.

Fortunately, legitimate travelers do not need to worry about Immigration matters as a competent firm can facilitate visa issuance. In many cases, foreign nationals simply need to be apprised of the benefits they are entitled to apply for. As Thai Immigration rules constantly change, retaining an experienced Thai Immigration law firm can mean the difference between slogging through a cumbersome application process and applying for a Thai visa in a relatively quick and efficient manner.

Often, many long term tourists find themselves thinking of applying for a Thai work permit and remaining in the Kingdom for a very long period of time. Through use of the correct Thai immigration documents, a foreign national could be permitted to apply for a Thai work permit and if successful could be legally employed in the Kingdom of Thailand. As the opportunities in Thailand continue to multiply, it stands to reason that more foreign nationals will look upon the Kingdom as a land of opportunity.

If interested in learning more about staying Thailand long term, please contact Integrity Legal as their staff of Thai and international immigration professionals can provide up to date information and advice regarding Thai Immigration and visas.

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